vom 03.01.2019

Switch on dhs-Basic:

Ensure flexibility!

The definition of combination is: "A sensible blend of different things”. Today, we would like to tell you about the latest "sensible” blend of dhs software: dhs-Basic.

In creating our new software combination package dhs-Basic, we gave careful thought to the ways we could create an affordable, smart fusion of frequently performed image measurement tasks and on-site testing conducted at work – similar to pixel-fox.

In doing so, we placed great importance on options such as being able to further expand the software by adding various other dhs tools and upgrading at any time to the dhs Image Data Base, thus providing optimal flexibility.

Also for dhs-Basic there is an Imaging package including camera and accessories: dhs-BasicCam

Upgrade from pixel-fox to dhs-Basic!

The software dhs-Basic belongs to the core product of dhs Solution and is developed steadily. Stay up-to-date with dhs-Basic and switch form pixel-fox to dhs-Basic!

Here is an overview of services : Performance overview (PDF: 124 KB)

Contact us or one of your dealers – we will be happy to advice you!