vom 28.06.2017

Quality seal "Software Made in Germany" earned -

BITMi hand out seal for pixel-fox®!

pixel-fox® has earned the quality seal “Software Made in Germany” that is issued by the German Association IT-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (BITMi). Dr Oliver Grün, the President of the association and the CEO of GRÜN Software AG, presented the quality seal to Mr Christian Dietermann, the CEO of dhs Solution GmbH.

The imaging software pixel-fox® is known above all for its user friendliness, flexibility, thoughtful design and cost efficiency, Grün said. The product is also backed by expert service and has established a track record among thousands of users around the world.

“The German Association IT-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises presents the seal ‘Software Made in Germany’ to underscore the quality of the software developed in the country,” the association president said in a speech recognising the company’s accomplishment. The pixel-fox® software brings together all qualities that a software needs to succeed internationally. These features include:

  • Six-language software and installation instructions
  • Regular software updates
  • Customer centre (German / English)
  • Online support (German / English)
  • Online help

The programme is operated and images are captured with the help of a graphic user interface that is not only very clearly structured, but can also be intuitively learned in a short time! The six-language software is sold exclusively by an authorised network of dealers around the world.

The basic package of pixel-fox® software for capturing, measuring, saving and documenting images is sold with a digital microscope camera. It is used in industry, biomed, QA, labs and research & teaching. The camera can be adapted for use on all standard microscopes, endoscopes and macroscopes using a C-mount adapter. Other combination packages including microscopes, macroscopes and mini PCs are available.

The German Association IT-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (BITMi, www.bitmi.de) is the only IT trade association that exclusively and systematically represents the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises. The association comprises both direct members and organisations allied with the trade group. As a result, it represents the interests of more than 1,000 small and medium-sized IT enterprises in Germany that have total revenue volume of more than €1 billion.