pixel-fox® Software

The best result - in just a few steps!

  • Short, cost-saving and precise work processes
  • Results are available quickly
  • Quick documentation and communication

The image processing software integrated in pixel-fox® comes from experienced imaging specialists and is based on very perfected algorithms that have been used and permanently optimised in a professional environment for more than 20 years.

Operation of the program and acquiring your images is done with the aid of a graphic user interface that is not only very clearly structured but can also be intuitively learnt very quickly!
Thanks to a large and fast live image you have optimal control over your work – the samples, work pieces or preparations under the camera are perfectly displayed on the PC monitor. An ideal prerequisite for setting all parameters with just a few motions and for making significant images!


Image acquisition

The image capture tool integrated in the pixel-fox® software directly controls the pixel-fox® camera provided for image capture and is perfectly coordinated with it.

Image-related data can already be entered directly during image capture. The process is supported by a function key. A large and fast live image ensures perfect ergonomics on the monitor.

Image Acquisition (key settings):

  • exposure time (incl. automatic and permanent mode)
  • colour saturation
  • white balance (incl. automatic and permanent mode)
  • shading correction
  • mirroring (horizontal + vertical)
  • full screen mode for live image
  • focus indicator (sharpness controller)
  • sharpen (in 3 steps)
  • centric selectable display window (field of view)
  • Images can be stored as *.jpg, *.bmp and *.png
    (compression rate with *.jpg in 3 steps adjustable)
  • and more

Storage and importation of images

The pixel-fox® software supports all standard image file formats. When saving in the specially developed pixel-fox format, all measurements in the image can also be edited afterwards. Image data from devices with a TWAIN driver are recognized by the software.

Storage and importation of images:

  • Images can be stored as *.jpg, *.bmp and *.png and *.pixel-fox-file format
    (compression rate with *.jpg in 3 steps adjustable)
  • By saving in pixel-fox-file format, all measurements are afterwards editable
  • It is possible to import and process existing image files into pixel-fox® (e.g. bmp, jpg, etc.)
  • Installed image sources, which chiped out with a TWAIN driver, are provided by pixel-fox-software

Image measurement

A key element of the pixel-fox® software is the ability to two-dimensionally measure images previously acquired with the camera.

For this purpose the following measuring functions are available to you:

  • lines (point to point and polygonal lines)
  • radi 
  • areas and circumference
  • angles
  • drop a perpendicular

The software also includes:

  • scaleable scalebars
  • labelling (arrows and texts)
  • digital zoom
  • show crosshairs
  • colour settings for lines and labellings
  • ruler shown on edge of screen and
  • online preview of measured value
  • digital loupe
  • using the pixel-fox camera in other programms via TWAIN drivers
  • export measured data to MS-Excel
  • "snap up" measurement points
  • saving work sessions
  • parallel guide lines


Tests, evaluations and analyses are invariably documented at the end of each workflow. Results must be recorded, set down in reports or quixkly communicated internally and externally.

The documentation based on an intelligent report made in MS Excel.

All of the default settings (formulas, page numbers, master data) can be adapted for the desired report using the configuration file. All the measurement data for the opened image is then transferred to MS Excel and displayed in tabular form via a plugin. Once the master data has been added, the report is ready.

Further changes can, however, still be made to the report


Calibrations with stage micrometer

Using the stage micrometer included in delivery, calibrations can be done in the software in just a few minutes.

Such a calibration is produced (measuring unit freely selectable) for every optical enlargement or camera resolution, saved digitally on the computer and then used for all further measurements – it doesn’t get any easier than this.


System requirements

These are the general system requirements for the pixel-fox® software and the additional camera:

  • IBM compatible PC with Multi-Core CPU
  • 2 GB RAM main storage
  • Graphic card with minimum 128 MB RAM (not shared memory) and DirectX Update June 2010 installed (we recommend actual PCIexpress cards from ATI or NVIDIA).
  • USB 3.0 interface (500 mA high powered port, e.g. build in USB 3.0 PCI card)
  • Operating system: Windows™ 7 / 8/8.1 or 10

During the installation you need local administration rights on the computer. These rights can be removed after the installation. The user needs full rights in the pixel-fox® program folder and in the registry in „Hkey_Current_User - Software - VB and VBA program settings“.

Note: If you use an Operating System with a character table other than German or English, please change the settings in „Regional Options“ and „Advanced“ in the window „Regional and Language Options“ accessible by the „Control Panel“ to English (US) or German. This is only necessary during the installation. After the Installation and the program is licensed the original settings can be reset.

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