pixel-fox® Macro

pixel-fox®-Basic package + MEIJI Short Unimac MS-50D

The pixel-fox® macro package is ideal for low-magnification applications. The single-beam vertical macroscope can be used to look at

  • relatively large, intact objects from an overall perspective
  • simple surface inspections
  • quick image comparisons (e.g. in quality control).

Together with the pixel-fox® basic package with a highquality digital microscope camera and software for capturing, measuring, saving and documenting images,
it is the perfect solution for capturing and evaluating all macroscopic images.

Technical data macroscope

  • 6.4:1 zoom (0.7x to 4.5x), can be operated from both sides
  • Ring light illumination
  • Free working distance 94 mm
  • C mount for camera

Easy imaging – the best result in just a few steps

  • Short, cost-saving and precise work processes
  • Results are available quickly
  • Quick documentation and communication
  • Complete package from a single source for a special price