pixel-fox® Material

pixel-fox®basic package + ZEISS Primotech

Our pixel-fox® Material combination package is suitable for use in mechanical engineering, the automotive and electronics industry, as well as research and teaching. The microscope configuration with

  • front and backlight illumination in one stand
  • fivefold nosepiece
  • LED lighting
  • large traversing range 
  • convenient table

offers maximum flexibility for inspecting different materials:
thick, opaque material samples and transparent, thin samples.

Together with the pixel-fox® basic package with a high-quality digital microscope camera and software for capturing, measuring, saving and documenting images, it is the "all-rounder" for a variety of tasks.

Technical data – materials microscope

  • Front illumination (with LED) and backlight illumination
  • 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x lenses
  • Object holder plate for a max. sample height of up to 34 mm
  • C mount for camera

Easy imaging - pixel-fox® packages can be combined as required!